Novation Supernova Polyphonic Synthesizer Reviews 3

Purchased online at to incorporate into my digital recording studio for use especially with electronic and trance or techno-oriented dance music. Cost approximately $1500

Great analogue sounds that can be customized using ASM (Analogue Sound Modeling). Offers raw sounds and arpeggiation that is not found with any other product. Very cutting edge.

Difficult to use unless you are a professional audio engineer or have extensive studio experience. Abysmal documentation and support. No documentation or internal controls to explain how aux's can be configured. Confusing little LCD display for configuring options sounds programs and performances.This product would be better if the manufacturer realized that the fastest growing market for ASM units are musicians and composers who need clear documentation and controls that are not limited to scientific engineering terminolgy.Give the musicians the ability to control their music! For every techie term there is always a musical equivalent. Bring musicians into your design process!

Very light weight. Attractive color. Logical layout. Easily legible dials and controls. Pots and buttons to control almost every variable. Rack-ready.

Prestwood rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-30.

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