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The Oriolo Felix the Cat Bag of Tricks is a solidbody electric with aq body style similar to the Gibson Explorer. Color is yellow with black plus signs -- a nod to the Baog of Trikcs that Felix carries in cartoons. The unique headstock is shaped like Felix's face. Two Oriolo-designed hot humbuckers; single Vol and Tone controls; 3-way toggle pickup selector.

This was demo unit on loan from Oriolo Guitars of New Jersey, Street price is expected to be around $800 when the instrument is available in December 2010.


test players loved the hot Oriolo-designed pickups, which produced a great shredding sound when the player gigs in. With a lighter touch, the guitar was capable of more standard rock fair, but it's designed to be hot. The body style is comfortable and the overall look is head-turning.

This was prototype and construction was first-class. It remains to be seen if mass production (in China) can repeat the quality. Good fret job, well balanced, comfortable, easy to play, unique finish and FELIX fretboard inlays.

Laklander rated this unit 4 on 2010-11-04.

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