Ovation Adamas W1597 Graphite Top Reviews 5

I purchased my guitar at Guitar Center in Amherst, New York. I have played Ovation guitars for some time now but was looking for a higher end with a better pick up and playability. I traded in my old Ovation Balladeer, so I ended up paying 1,000 in cash with a 200.00 trade in.

The first thing that attracted me to this guitar was it's looks (typical for most anything huh). The top is a woven black graphite with the multi-soundholes near the end of the neck. It has an Optima pre amp and a built in tuner. Also the battery is easily changed from the outside of the guitar. The action is incredible and it has a warm sound through the amp.

The only thing I don't like about this guitar is playing it un-amplified. It is hard for me to hear the actual sound of it because of the multi-sound holes. When I hear other people play it, it sounds great, just hard for me to hear the same way.

The Adamas guitars are diferent from the Ovation roundacks and other acoustic guitars because of the top. The top is flexible, built with two .005" carbon-graphite outer layers with .030" layer of birch veneer in the center bonded together. Fans and braces have been developed for the birbonic soundboard to achieve the best response. It has a Mahogany and maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Great quality.

I was looking for a guitar to play out in clubs and coffee houses that had a great sound without all the trappings of electrifying an acoustic guitar. It's very durable and stays in tune real well with all the weather changes. I also have this guitar in a twelve string version....another time.

Suzanne Switzer rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-09.

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