Ovation C2078LX Custom Elite Reviews 5

I'm Impressed By It's Features; The Inlaid Epaulets The Enhanced Scalloped Bracing And The OP-PRO Pre-amp.I Got It From JB Music(Philippines) For P134,000.00(Around $3,500), The Sound Of This Guitar Is Just Sweet,I Play Alternative To Ballads. I'm Telling You This Guitar Can Handle It All

The new Op-Pro Preamp is voiced to give you arena-sized sound with a minimum of eq gymnastics. Every improvement comes directly from the needs of pro players and sound engineers. Advanced Neck System A lightweight dual-action truss rod makes precision adjustments simple. Carbon fiber stabilizers keep the fingerboard perfectly aligned at the neck/body joint. Patented Pickup Six separate elements sense both string and top vibration, giving you a better string-to-string balance, no matter what string type or guage you use. Inlaid Epaulets The exotic wood leaf-shaped "epaulets" are now inlaid into the top with laser precision. The new cleaner design actually offers a slight sound enhancement. Scalloped Bracing Play a new LX and prepare to be impressed by the hugeness of the acoustic sound. Deeper, richer but with the legendary Ovation balance and clarity. Lyrachord Body The smooth, hard composite Lyrachord GS body improves projection and reflects top vibrations better than traditional material and is now even lighter and stronger.


Again This Guitar Is A Total Package

Anybody Who Want To Have A Nice Look Feel God Acoustic Guitar This Is It, Just Drop By To Your Local Guitar Shop And Try It, The Moment That You Pluck Or Strum A Chord Out Of It You'll Know What I'm Talking About

Himself rated this unit 5 on 2007-11-26.

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