Ovation Custom Baladeer Reviews 5

The Ovation sounds great unplugged and when plugged in. I have played many gigs and it sounds distinctive and crisp, often the best sounding guitar on the venue. The build quality is superb, the tuning pegs are accurate, the neck is great, satin finish onthe back is great to play.

The volume control on top of the body some times can be adjusted in error while playing. The shallow bowl sometimes turns flat when you are playing on a strap.

The construction is good, solid top, fibreglass bowl,pretty indestructible guitar, good quality electronics for live work, good tuning pegs, easy bridge to string.

A great all round acoustic, for finger picking , plectrum, strumming, slap, even lead breaks through effects. Get one in your collection, beware of imitations.

Tom Adams rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-03.

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