Ovation Elite LX 1778-4 Reviews 5

I searched the web and local music stores to decide on an acoustic/electric guitar. shortly I knew it had to be an Ovation. I jumped into the Ovation Fan Club online and learned alot about the USA Ovations. Just as the funds became available they came out with the "LX" upgrade. I purchased through a Dealer at the Musician's Friend price of $1049.

I absolutely love what they did with the epaulets (inlaid). If you are a fan of the Elites this should be reason enough to get an LX. But it gets better. Very playable, very even on the tone - down low it has a real growl and the high end is defined but not brassy. More often I finger pick with hammer-ons and pulls - THERE IS REAL DEPTH COMING OUT OF THIS GUITAR! My other guitar/comparison is a Guild D50 built in 1967. The LX (brand new out of the box) has the low end of the dreadnaught. It has a darn good start on the 36 years of tone as well. It has the projection that only a Roundback can give! The OP Pro gives excellent visual reference when tuning with the lighted indicator. The pick up is the best available on any A/E out there. It is an outstanding acoustic instrument with extreme potential when plugged in. If you shop around for a good price you'll get an incredible value.

I can't see anything negative. In the future it would be cool to see more mother-of-pearl inlay to accentuate the inlaid epaulets. Similar to what they do with the Legend customs.

Built like an American made Ovation! Solid design and Craftsmanship. This (LX upgrade)is the next design jump. No doubt others will follow. Every inch of this guitar is pure art. The neck is solid and the action is great.

This guitar has the looks, the tone, the sound and can be taken anywhere. It has a deep balanced tone that I absolutely love. Ovation USA is on to something!

Mike W rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-03.

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