Pacific 900 series hardware Reviews 5

Musician's Friend. Pricing varies depending on model. I purchased two straight stands for my ride and china, two booms for my crashes, a hi-hat stand, and a snare stand. Total price, with shipping, was less than 300 dollars.

Excellent hardware, especially considering the low price points. Professional quality gear at a rock-bottom price, which is very attractive to drummers on a budget.

Sturdy and well-designed. Easily comparable to Pearl and Tama's much more expensive high-end stands and hardware. Memory locks are easily adjustable. All wing-nuts are large and easy to handle. Boom pivots are excellently designed and incredibly sturdy. Can easily support an add-on clamp and cymbal arm.

Excellent hardware, excellent price. Fact is, I've replaced every stand I used to use with the Pacific 900 series stands. The price piqued my curiosity originally and the quality encouraged me to buy more.

Josh in Michigan rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-09.

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