Pacific CX All Maple Reviews 5

i bought this kit for $652 (that includes tax) for the shell kit at guitar center. i needed sonething better than my OLD ludwig that wat falling apart, and had 7 stripped lug casings.

nearly everything. after a little tuning, the all maple shells sound like DW quality. it's incredible that they can sell such a high quality kit for such a low price. with an Evans EMAD (externally mounted adjustable dampening) head on the kick and a hole in the front head, you can feel it from across the room. i love this kit and cannot think of any better deal that i have ever seen. any other brand of all maple shells would cost at least 1200. i was considering purchasing the FS or LX also, but iam glad i did not. this is the best drum kit i have ever seen for the price.

the only problems were that the floor tom wabbles a little when playing really hard on it and the kick head stinks. just replace it and you've got a wonderful kit for a wonderful price.

it seems to have great construction. everything hold its tuning, the mounting hardware is sturdy, and everything stays in its place. the mounts come with memory locks, and i have really had no problems with the kit so far!


satisfied pacific customer rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-06.

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