Pacific CX Series All Maple Drum Set Reviews 5

I bought this drum set because I wanted a good drum set at an affordable price and had heard very good things about the Pacific CX. I paid $799 plus tax for it, and got it at a local music store.

Nearly everything. Awsome, high-end sounding set for a ridiculously low price. The toms are incredibly deep, punchy, and warm. The kick, once you put a better head on there (S.K. II for me) is amazingly deep and bassy and you can literally feel it from yards away. The Pacific/DW factory heads are very good, at least for factory heads standards. The snare has a great woody 'crack' to it. The hardware is great and sturdy. Absolutely amazing drum set.

I prefer a 2 ply bass drum head as opposed to the one ply head that comes on it, but other than that...absolutely nothing.

Great construction. Very sturdy, heavy duty hardware. The wrap is put on very well and looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. The kick pedal and hi-hat stand work well and are sturdy. Shells seem very sturdy. Great construction and quality.

Amazing, top of the line drum set, for a ridiculously low price, what else could you ask for... I LOVE this kit!!!

thufishndrummr rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-14.

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