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So I was down in Baltimore last weekend for a gig at the Cuervo Games. After a 4+ hours drive we got to the place, which it was pretty cool. It was located in a square nearby the water. The outdoor stage was decent in size and once I saw the DW kit on the drum raiser (at least at that moment I thought it was a DW kit) I was very pleased. It was during sound check when I realized that the kit in reality was Pacific CX.

This kit is a discontinued product. It used to be in the market for a price around $700.

After some tweaking on the toms tuning, I got the kit to sound really good. The hoops and lug were as if they were new. The kick also had a very good sound, nearly comparable to a DW kit.

What really bothered me it was the rack tom mount. For as hard as I try to tighten it and make the toms in place and sturdy, it was just not doing the job. It also made difficult to position the toms in a desired place. One of the screws that holds the part that is attached to the rack mount just broke and the 10 tom was held tilted throughout the gig by only screw.

This is a 6-piece all maple drum set with FAST tom sizes. Sound wise the kit is great but I think construction wise could be better.

Besides some construction imperfections that could be improved, this is a great sounding kit.

mtebaldi rated this unit 3 on 2010-08-12.

This set was a set that I practiced on in a music shop. There were also many other PDP drums there and I tried this one because Mike Cosgrove of Alien Ant Farm uses them. But I didn't buy it, but I played it for about an hour.

The bass drum was good and loud. The snare drum had a nice crisp sound.

The toms would ring very loudly when you hit them (but it might have been because I was using a very powerful stick). It was also pricey for me and it didn't come with cymbals ($850). I'm poor, oh well. But other than that, it's a good drum set.

Good quality with 8-ply shells. 5-piece.

A good set but with ringing toms. If you like playing really loud and having heavy bass, the this is a good set for you.

Joe rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-01.

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