Pacific EX 5pc Drumset Reviews 4

i got this at guitar center for about $400, not including cymbals. It also came with free cymbals..haha they were a joke, the things would bend everytime you hit them..but they were free.

So far the set has been awesome for me, i am a begginer so i wanted a cheap set. Also it came with a double bass pedal, which is nice.

so far there is nothing bad about this set, except the boom stand it came with was very unsturdy when i put my 16" bian b8 crash on it.

nothin broken yet-had it for a year now

Awesome set for a begginer/intermeddiate player or anyone that wants a cheap set, but not cheap sound!

John Shinolli rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-26.

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