Pacific EZ Kit 5-Piece Reviews 4

I got my drum kit at Guitar Center. It was $340 with tax included. I thought this was a great buy. It came with a crash cymbal and hi-hats. I bought this because my friends and I are supposed to start a band pretty soon.

I really like how this kit is so inexpensive. I also really liked the sound. The guy I bought this from said somebody else put some coated Remo heads on the toms and snare. He let me have those for free. With these heads, everything sounds good with some muffling. I don't really know what the factory heads sound like. The snare stand and straight cymbal stand are good. The cymbals sound okay, but I'm going to get a Sabian performance pack soon.

There are a few things about these drums that I wish weren't there. First, the hi-hat stand is very low-quality. The bolts keep slipping and I have to constantly tighten the part that holds the top hi-hat up. I find that very annoying. The bass pedal is also bad. It starts squeaking and it isn't very strong. It moves around when you hit the bass quickly unless its on a carpet or rug. The snare was also ringing, but that was easily fixed by muffling it differently. It also helped to put a folded kleenex on the snares. I also wish they included all three standard cymbals.

As I said earlier, the hi-hat stand and the bass drum pedal aren't the best. The cymbals are suprising me with how long they are lasting. I've had them for almost 2 months and there isn't a chip in them yet, even though I really beat the crap out of them. The set is very sturdy and I was suprised at how little shaking happened when I played on the toms.

This kit is great for any beginners. I'm overall very satisfied with it. After some upgrading, this drum set will be great. If you are looking for your first drumset, stop by at Guitar Center and by the Pacific EZ Kit. I sure am glad I did.

Ethan rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-11.

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