Pacific Ex 6 Piece Drumset Reviews 4

I purchased everything at guitar center for about $600. I got the ex 6pc shell pack with R.I.M.S. type mounts for $299. We pre ordered the set a week in advance but when we went to go take delivery of it we experienced a major inconveniences so I was upgraded from 700 Series hardware to 800 series at no extra cost. I was also given a pacific 402 double bass pedal at the same price as the 401. Its Amazing what you can get when you act like a really disgruntled customer. I chose this unit because I needed a budget set but I didnt want junk because I am serious about playing and when it comes to drums thats a hard combination to find. I've already played guitar for 5 years and having friends who play drums I kind of had an idea of what to look for.

I like the R.I.M.S. mounts I like the sound I get. The heads it came with are half decent. Bass drum has a micing hole. The chameleon color: changes from violet to blue very cool.

the ball and socket tom mounting arms. and the lug sizes on the snare are different than the toms. the cheap wrap finish. Cant get the mounted toms in close enough.

From what i can see everything looks good the shells are round, set sounds great. Quality is pretty good for the price paid.

I have no regrets about this set. I am going to convert the tom mounting arms over to the newer pacific style or I may do away with the R.I.M.S and get pearl IIS.

Billy Bob rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-15.

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