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I got my brand new Pacific Fs kit at guitar center. I got this kit as an upgrade from my old EX kit. I paid $500.00 for it.

The pacific Fs series drums are excellent. They are all birch and have a lot of attack and low end. These drums have a very wide tunning range so they sound good tuned high or low. the snare is superb. It has little if any ring. It has a nice crack to it and cuts right through the music. The hardware is very sturdy and the ball and socket tom arms allow you to mount the toms any way you want. The bass drum is simply amazing. Its very punchy and comes with a muffling pillow. The toms sound amazing with a lot of attack and no ring. I was very impressed with the mounting hardware, it goes around the circumference and lets the tom vibrate freely yet still feeling firmly in place. The toms are sized down a bit but don't be fooled the have a HUGE sound. They are larger in diameter but smaller in depth. The hoops are very strong and make a nice rim shot. The finish is remarkable. It comes in either ebony satin or red satin. They both look great and you can see the wood grain through the paint. The price surprised me a lot seeing that other all birch kits are very expensive and the fact that it has such a great looking finish.

The only dislikes I had whith this unit was the fact that the finish scratches VERY easy. All you have to do is buy cases for them and this problem is virtually eliminated. The only other problem I had with this kit was that the mounting hardwear goes on the tension rods making it slightly more difficult to tune because its hard to get the rods finger tight.

The construction of these drums are great. The hardweare is very sturdy and can take a heavy beating well. The Ball and socket tom mounts are great, the drums also have a metal patch where the pipe would hit the surface of the drum so it wont damage the finish. The toms are held to the mounts well and becasue they are on the tension rods they don't slip.

The bottom line is that this is a great kit. For the price and quality these drums can not be beat!

heavyhitter1002 rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-31.

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