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I found a Pacific CX kit, with all hardware and a Sabian AAX cymbal set (20" ride, 16" crash, and 14" hats) for $999 on eBay. I took that ad to my local Guitar Center in Fairfax, VA. I told the sales person if he could match that deal, I would buy from him, otherwise I was going to buy it through eBay. He told me he didn't have any CX sets in stock, but would sell me an LX kit -- a higher-priced lacquer-finished kit -- with the same hardware and cymbals at that price!

Needless to say I was thrilled that I managed to purchase nearly $1,800 worth of drums hardware and cymbals for half price. Since buying the set in March 2003, I have been gigging with the set every couple of weeks. The drums are easy to tune, hold pitch extremely well, and can be set up quickly due to the memory locks on all of the stands and mounting hardware. I like the tom RIMS-type mounts. My set is in the ultra violet finish, and the set looks awesome. I bought a custom front drum head for the kick which adds a lot to the appearance of the set. I don't have any trouble keeping the set tuned, and use a Tama tension watch to get the heads just right. They also stay that way during transport to and from my gigs and don't require frequent retuning.

If I had any complaint about the kit, it is that the sizes of the toms aren't larger. Rather than a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch tom, I wish the kit came with a 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. However, the smaller drums are easier to move around when gigging, and I am going to buy both a 7 X 8-inch and 14 X 16-inch expansion tom for my set.

The bearing edges are extremely well done and the 8-ply maple construction is outstanding. All of the hardware is superb, and it is obvious that these drums have a DW family heritage.

Several friends who have seen and heard my Pacifics have abandoned their plans to purchase Pearl or Ludwig sets and bought the Pacific LX kit. I don't know of a better kit (8-ply maple!!!) for the cash!

Dick Cole rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-12.

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