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i got these drums after a few months of reserch . i looked at . tama star clasic birch kits , pearl mrx masters kits and yamaha stage customes . after playing and comparing all of these kits . for the money the pacific lx kit was the best made best sounding and best priced , i paid 950$. and i got it at victors house of music

ther are many thing i like about this kit . first is the sound it has on recordings i have done it sounds like a DW collectors maple kit , in allot of ways it is very simmilar to that kit . they have a very big drum sound for small drums . second the price was fair . not too much and not to low to to point i was scared they would fall apart the next day . they are also very good looking drums the laquar finish isnt as nice a maby a DW but they are still very nice , actualy some may call me crazy but in my opinion that is the only big difrence between the pacifics and the DW`s /

some things i dont like wher the way the drums wher mounted . i prefer the pearl style mounting opposed to the ball thing what evr thats called . but after time i got used to it .

this is a great kit fir the money completly perfectly built

this kit in my mind is the best deal out on the market , you get a 2000 dollor kit for under 1000 . ther are no drums matching it . buying a pearl export or a rock star would just be paying for a name . ever since i started plying when i was 8 ive wanted a DW and this is pretty damn close , i think these drums are GREAT!!!!

Andrew Da Silva rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-08.

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