Paiste 502 Cymbals Reviews 4

First I bought a 10 in splash on for about $40 bucks with shipping, then I bought the pre-pack set from, for about $220 with shipping.

They sound alot better than Zlidgian ZBT-Plus and Sabian B8 Pro, they were fairly cheap, they have a great look/shine too them, and they feel and sound just about right.

About my only complaints are that the hi-hats are kinda ringy at HIGH volumes.

Pretty good, I like the machining they do, it has a "unique" look to it. The graphics on the cymbals are pretty tough, and they don't get alot of stick marks on them for some reason (might be the factory coating).

I was planning on getting the Sabian B8 Pro's, but after hearing a friend of mines 502's I bought these, I also think Zildgian is getting too big, so I like to stick with the "little" guys.

Chris Peer rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-29.

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