Paiste 802 Hi Hats Reviews 1

100 bucks at my local music store

These are some awesome hats, absolutely the best hihats for 100 bucks. Paiste's also have a really good looking lathe/finishing technique done to them that set them apart from any other cymbal. I cant say enough how great these hats are for the money, i would compare them up with any zildjian or Sabian up to the 200 price range. They sound great closed, and even better open, nothing like your usual printed cymbal.

Nothing at all

Great quality, much more than you would expect for 100 bucks.

Ive played Zildjian zxts, Sabian B8 pros, and for about the same price the 802's blow them away. After a year of owning them, i switched to new hihats ($240 zildjian a's), but for the first day i thought about goin back to the paistes. These are the best economic hats on the marked, support the little man and buy these hats!

Cool guy rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-22.

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