Paiste 12' 502 Splash Cymbal Reviews 4

The 502 series were one of the most popular Paiste cymbals in the market in the 90's and early 2000's specially because of their affordable price. Their production were discontinued in 2005 to make way for the PST (Paiste Sound Technology) line. Paiste is one of my favorite ride cymbal manufacturers, but this splash is the only cymbal from this company that I own so far. I only occasionally use this cymbals, since I find its powerful, open, brilliant somehow overwhelming.

I purchased this cymbal awhile ago, when I moved to the states. Its price and powerful presence definitely weighted a lot on my decision to acquire it. You still can find sometimes this cymbal on ebay, for something around $75.

Grooving a beat with this cymbal it's probably one of my favorite uses for it. Its lack of attack definition is the reason why. It produces a high-end colorful and strong sound when continuously played. Another favorite use I have for this specific cymbal is that (I guess, this is the main reason I'm reviewing it) when I place it on top of my 14' coated skin floor tom, and I groove on it, the 'filtered hi-hatish' sound is really cool. Perfect for a 'industrial' type of beat. Also the bell part resembles almost like a cow bell. It's something you should definitely try out if you own this cymbal.

The only defect is its lack of attack definition I usually want coming from my splashes when I hit them.

Thin bronze layer splash cymbal made by German company Paiste.

Even after its discontinued production, this unique splash is something you want to have on your cymbal collection. For those looking for a open, powerful, explosive splash sound.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-24.

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