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Paolo Mark 'Bb' Gold 3 Key Trumpet. It is finished in a brass lacquer. It features an adjustable slide. I have been playing the trumpet for about a year. Previous to this I have played acoustic, electric and bass guitars for many years, so would know a good instrument when I see one.

There is a lot of positive things to be said about this trumpet. First and foremeost, it feels really nice to hold and play.The 3 keys move really well and are very slick. The adjustable slide moves seamlessley. When it comes to the sound, I have to say it sounds great. It has a really nice tone with it's own character and definitely as nice as more expensive instruments.

The case it came in was okay, may break if dropped? But it's the only slight nag I have about it.

It is a well construced instrument. It is finished in a brass lacquer. All the parts are well engineered and move as they should.

I would highly recommend this trumpet. At 109.99 euro, it is astonishingly good value. It plays well, looks good and above all sounds great. If you are a professional musician, you might be looking for a bit more, but this is a superb student to intermediate trumpet, and it has never let me down.

David Farren rated this unit 4 on 2011-06-20.

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