Parker NiteFly 1 Reviews 5

i got this off of ebay. It seems kinda of sketchy but i bought it off of a trustworthy member that has 100% positive feedback. I got it for 553.50 total including shipping and handling

First the sound. It has the best sound ever i learned about it from deron miller from cky. He isnt lying when he says they are the best guitars period. I took the whammy bar pushed it all the way ro the bottom of the body and it was still perfecty in tune. It also has an acoustic guitar feature. AND IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE AN ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!!!! It isnt too light but it isnt too heavy it is perfect. Ken parker asked artists what their problems were with there guitars and what they liked about them and he designed a perfect guitar. It sounds really good through effect pedals and so on. I reccomend this guitar to ANYONE!!!! It plays so incredably well. Best guitar i have ever played and i am proud to tell people that i own it.

Nothing..... not one problem!!!!!

It has a unique body and head. best sound quality ever it can be used for any style of music. It has never come out of tune for me even when i pushed the whammy bar all the way to the body.

Best guitar ever. I highly recomend it to anyone who has respect for any type of music. Yeah they might be expensive but at least you know your money is going to a high quality product.

Marcus rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-03.

I love the looks (after you get used to them), the lock trem arm works great! I also love the fact that it is vrey light but stil gives off a good deep sound for rock and can be used for anything!

The only thing I dont like is..... its very easily marked. I dont mean like dents i mean finger marks. But,the quality makes up for it.

Quality is excellent. action is nice and low. Very easy sliding, bending etc.

woundedspirit rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-25.

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