Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 with Trem Reviews 5

I have never regretted buying the PRS Custom 24. I used to gaze at the Fenders, Gibsons etc and have to stop myself from parting with my hard earned cash in buying them. Most of the time I failed, hence, over the years I have owned Fenders, Gibsons etc etc.... This guitar is a combination of them all. It does everything I want it to do and could do much more if only I could keep up with it! When I'm in a Van Halen type mood and really give the trem some stick, it takes it without going out of tune. It looks great with the bird inlays and the 10 top and sounds even better no matter what amp I play it through. I am currently using a Yamaha DG-60 but keep looking at the Boogies!! Carlos Santana has a lot to answer for!.

The only thing I dont like about the guitar is that since I decided to learn to play it properly I have to take it along to lessons and risk getting it damaged in the travelling to and from the guitar shop in Ipswich. I'm thinking of buying a Squire Strat or similar to overcome this. Also, I'm sure the string changing is a doddle if you know how but my one attempt took me ages and I'm still not sure I got it right! better indtructions in the paperwork would be good. If this sounds stupid, you try it!!!!

I can't fault the construction, build quality etc, but then, if you pay that much for a guitar you expect it to be right..mine is!

I never regret buying the PRS. If I could afford it I would upgrade to the Santana model. Unfortunatly my partner has more sense than I have and wont allow me to spend five grand on a hobby!

Ray W rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-05.

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