Paul Reed Smith Santana SE w/ tremolo Reviews 5

First guitar, Samash in Gainseville, FL, $420

This guitar is awesome! I've experimented with tons of different strats, Gibsons, and the sort and found this to be the guitar I wanted. I picked it up in the store and played a simple G that rang out beautifully from a Marshall AVT 50. Then I switched to Distortion and it was purring away. Really a cool instrument for any type of play and a great first guitar or just something to have. I love this guitar and bought it instantly.

Well, While there, I played a custom 22 PRS and compared the two. PRS makes their Santana SE very well, but it will never compare to a true PRS. The 22 and 24 are in my opinion two of the best guitars ever built. other than that, I cant really complain about my guitar. Definately get it serviced immediately when you get it to lower the action and fix the trem.

Really good quality for the price paid. You can't get a better guitar for that kind of money.

like I said above, this is a really good instrument. PRS did a good thing by releasing a guitar under $1200.

friend rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-29.

I got this awsome axe from the Guitar Center in Concord. I wanted a screaming humbuckler and for under a thousand bucks it rocked. I payed 700 bucks, but I got it the weekend it came out. now it is cheeper but I dont care. Me and my band love it.

The pick ups and the guitar are the same as Carlos, but he has a different fretboard. the tremelo system is killer. The simplicitie of onle two knobs is great. You cant beat it. Plus it rarely slips put of tune.

Very hrd question........mabe if it were a bit more flashier.

Awsome. With Paul Reed Smith it is never bad quality.

It was between this and a gibson les paul. Have you felt how heavy those things are? Plus this has a better more useful and diverse tone. you have got to get it.

Dylan Serota rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-07.

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