Paul Reed Smith Solid Body McCarthy Model Reviews 5

Because My archtop, although a state of the art unit could not penetrate volume wise whenever or wherever I was performing, I decided to purchase a solid body with humbuckers for pickups- I tried several and was very pleased with the PRS model- Even my guitar technician who is very critical was amazed at the workmanship- the sound is fabulous- It is also a very versatile instrument; I use it mostly for Jazz and I am very satisfied-I paid 1900 dollars for it.

It is very versatile- the neck is very smooth and fast, can be adjusted to play rock, jazz etc...

only the fact that I need to use an alternate bridge in order to accomodate a wound G - The bridge that it comes with can only accomodate a plain G string- The altenate bridge cost at least $300.00, I was told.

It is definitely a state of the art quality unit- the neck is made of ebony and contains 22 frets-the body is a tobacco sunburst and contains 2 pickups- one located near the neck and one near the bridge- also a 3 way switch for different sounds-

this guitar has been one of my most satisfying purchases- I strongly recommend the PRS brand of guitars for those who appreciate the best in quality-

eddy bourjolly rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-13.

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