Paul Reed Smith Standard 24 Satin Series W/ Trem Reviews 5

I have been playing for about 13 years, and have done alot of different projects. Most of the stuff I do now is studio work and projects like that.

I have actually had my eye on this guitar at my local guitar shop for about 2 months. Since it takes a leap of faith and a large income to afford a PRS, or any other guitar of this caliber, I "looked" and had to make sure it was the right guitar. The price tag was a firm $1899.00, including case.

I have always played guitars with maple caps, and for some reason was never satisfied with the tone. It didn't even matter the price difference. First of all, the look of this guitar just caught me and had me under it's spell. No paint paint, no maple, just pure wood. I thought it would sound muddy, being solid mahogany, but no way! I play through Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifer Roadster heads which have great sustain and killer gain settings. This guitar has brought out every tone I have ever wanted, and will grow with me as my style evolves and changes.


Custom, custom, custom. Whatever Ed Roman, I stll think that PRS is the sh**. WOW

Before you you buy a custom 24 or singlecut gloss model, make sure you try a satin series. They are "pure" and beautiful guitars.

unidigitze rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-10.

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