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I hate to trash this guitar so much, because it's such a cheap guitar anyway. But really, I could only imagine a young kid buying this, which makes sense. Parents buying guitars for their kids, if you want your kids to stick with it, DON'T skimp. Guitars that would have cost $50 when you were a kid are worth at least $300 nowadays. The labor is ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

mooseherman rated this unit 3 on 2010-03-25.

I play rhythm guitar, mostly Alt. rock/metal. Ive played guitar for about 8 years.

This guitar would be 150 to 200 (U.S.) if it were purchased new. I paid 50 (U.S.) I bought it at a pawn shop, it was really dirty and in desperate need of intonation/harmonics setup. This one is the old strat copy, not the newer redesigned style peavey raptor.

Sound is pretty decent for a low end electric guitar. Has a nice sunburst finish.

The only thing that I dont like about this guitar is the tuners are diecast covered instead of diecast sealed tuners.

Not sure what the guitar is actually mad of, im sure its something like bass wood or something similar. Everything on the guitar seems to be built very well with the exception of the tuning keys as I mentioned before.

Its a very good beginers guitar and is good for someone who has been playing for a while and just dosn't want to put alot of money into a guitar. I would ultimately recomend replaceing the tuners though.

Guitar Man rated this unit 3 on 2006-01-05.

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