Peavey International Series 2 5-piece Drum Set Reviews 5

I bought this set at my local music store for $400(discounted from $700).The set came complete with 14" hi-hats,18" crash/ride,double braced straight cymbal stand,double braced hi-hat stand,double braced snare stand,and kick pedal.The Drum sizes are: 22x14 bass,6.5x14 snare drum,13x11 and 12x10 rack toms,and a 16x16 floor tom. This set also includes a drum throne and a pair of drum sticks.

I like that this set comes with everything at an affordable price. The toms sound pretty good with some muffling, and the bass drum sounds great if you put a pillow in it.The cymbal, hi-hat,and snare stands are pretty durable for a beginner kit(mine shake alot,but thats because i have mine set up on carpet).As for the throne,its not double braced,but it is very strong.The cymbals aren't the best,but for beginners the are pretty good.The drum heads are pretty good, but aren't the best,and you might want to buy some better heads(Remo or Evans,I reccomend)over time.also for the cymbals(buy Zildjian,Paiste,or Sabian when you get better).

What I dont's like about the kit is that the snare drum rings when you hit it. The snare drum also,sounds when you hit one of the toms,but I made mine not sound too much by getting a few pieces of kleenex,foldingit a few times,thentaping it to the head of the snare drum.What I don't like about the cymbals is that they get a bunch of marks on them if you use the sticks that come with the kit(I havent used any other sticks with this set yet,so I dont know if the cymbals will mark up with other sticks). Another thing about the sticks is that they get TONS of dents on the top half of the stick. One thing that gets pretty annoying is that after about a week of owning this kit,the bass drum pedal started to squeak alot,but with some oiling,it works pretty well.

For a beginner kit, it seems to be built pretty solid. Nothing on this set has fallen or broken down on me yet.I say this set should last you a few years,if not,longer.

besides some minor problems with the snare and bas pedal,i'll still give this set a five star rating,because ive played on a Ludwig and a Pearl,and I think this set matches up pretty well with those more expensive pro kits.Again, you are going to have to buy some new drum heads(Remo or Evans)and some new cymbals(Zildjian,Paiste,or Sabian)and hardware over time. But if you are just starting on drumsets,or you just want a good second kit,this is the one for YOU!!!

prodrummeradam rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-22.

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