Peavey Artist 240 Reviews 5

I recently aquired this amp in a wheel and deal operation. A friend of mine bought for his son who didn't like it because it didn't suit his heavey metal needs. It was perfect for me though. I play blues and classic rock so its combination of 120 watts of tube power and a 15" Black Widow are idealy suited to my style.

TONE! TONE! TONE! This amp has got it! You can mix the bright and normal channels in various combination to suit any needs. Great reverb. POWER! 120 watts rms into a 15" Black Widow. It doesn't get much better than this . miles of headroom. Anything from country to jazz to blues rock. I almost never use any effects on iy. Don't need them with this much versatility.

Nothing. I have been playing for 33 years and this is as close to perfect as I have found.

Hey! Its a Peavey! I have owned several over the years and they were all great. I have never had to do a thing to any of them.

A great amp in the tube tradition. If you want a gutsy, warm, sound in a package that is powerful enough to be heard at any gig yet portable enough for practice, look for one of these rare models.

Steve DuBose rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-21.

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