Percussion Plus 5 Piece Drum kit Reviews 3

I got my Percussion Plus kit for Christmas from Musicians Warehouse. The kit only costed $500, which was really cheap for the quality I got with it.

The kit came with 10x12, and 11x13 mounted toms, a 16x16 floor tom, 14x22 bass drum, 5.5x14 snare drum, 14" hi-hat, 18" crash/ride cymbal, a throne(chair), and all the hardware. The kit is a perfect, fully functional one, for a begginer drummer at an affordable price.

The heads on the toms were easily dented and broke easily. Also the cymbal and hi-hat warped after playing roughly.

All the shells are relatively strong and all hardware and stands are double braced. The quality of the shells, and hardware are great, but the heads and cymbals are low end quality. The bass pedal and hi-hat pedal are really good for the price. All the toms are 6 lug, for a wider range of tuning.

I think that the Percussion Plus 5 piece drum kit is great for a beginner drummer, and is functional enough for even more advanced drummers. It is all around good, and it costs much less then most other kits with its quality. I recommend this kit to anyone that wants to try drumming out, and does not have alot of cash to buy something that will go to waste. The kit will definately not be wasteful.

Tyson rated this unit 3 on 2002-11-27.

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