Phiga Guitars Hybrid I Reviews 5

I got this on ebay back in May for $425.00.

It's a hollow body electric guitar with a Schaller fixed bridge, 3 humbuckers and gotoh tuners. The action is smooth and fast with med frets. Its light weight and has exellent balance. I thought it would weigh alot more. It's similar to the iceman, but alot nicer with the extra extension on the other side. It has a vintage feel and a really cool crop circle design in the fretboard.

It only has 22 frets. I usually go for 24--but I like it all around because it's unique.

It is definitly sandwhich construction, walnut top, two layers of maple. The neck is made of layers like an alembic base-also walnut and maple.

I've had hundreds of guitars, but nothing like this. I'll make sure to hold on to this one. It gets alot of compliments.

Kathrin Kalweit rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-29.

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