Phiga Guitars Hybrid UFO Reviews 5

I bought it from Phiga customized for $650.00

It is light weight, and very easy to play. The trem stays in tune with the Wilkinson under any condition. It has flat jumbo frets and an incredible crop circle configuration all the way down the fingerboard. I have a hard time putting it down and everybody wants to buy it off me.

Its ash all the way exept for the rosewood fingerboard with a light metallic silver painted body. Hence the name UFO (I guess). I choose two EMGs at the bridge and neck positions and a parrallel/series middle from Carvin. Basically a juiced up strat and then some.

For the money this guitar does it all. I just hope I don't have to end up selling it. I have that Karma.

David De Santiago rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-05.

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