Phil Pro MSW 202 Ardent Series Reviews 2

Bought it in calgary A.B for about $350CAD. because it looked good and played well... for the price anyway.

I like the Floyd Rose bridge that comes optional, the headstock look's like a Jackson so that was apealing. the all gold hardware added some class. an ESP style body was verry apealing since i hate fender style guitars.

The floyd Rose is a licened model so the quality lacks verses the real deal, mostly just were the tremolo bar connects. the pickups are not terrible but could use changing. i wasn't a big fan of the paint, it was dark green and showed the wood grain, so i spent another $60 and had it painted black with gold pearl. The volume nob is also not too great, there's not enough in between loud and quiet.

Body: solid wood (burl top binding) Neck: maple Fretboard: Rosewood 22 fret Gold hardware Floyd Rose bridge The quality is decent for a low priced guitar, It's way better than many other low priced guitars ive seen and is a verry good beginer guitar ive had problems with the bridge, i was ajusting the string hight (action) and i could not get it low enough, i noticed the metal pin inserts into the body had poped up a bit, so i tapped them back down.

A verry good Beginer type guitar, worth spending an extra $100 instead of some yamaha or cheap fender immitation. i dont much play it anymore cause i got a lLes Paul

Mike Waddell rated this unit 2 on 2004-11-30.

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