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PICKBAY Guitar PICK Holder Pendant necklace in Chrome finished eco brass environmentally friendly alloy. Holds 1-4 guitar picks (depending on the gauge size) efficiently and with style. Great fo the beginning guitar player or the seasoned guitarist. Goes well with acoustic guitarists, electric guitarist, or bass player. You can change the look by changing pick. Great for concert picks. Best gift I've ever received, the most functional necklace I have ever owned as well. One of the PICKBAY Guitar pick holder will last a lifetime with a one time small investment. PICKBAY pendant also comes in Sterling Silver, Matte Bras and SHiny Brass. Martin, Gibson and fender PIcks, as well as Clayton picks looks really great in them. I have purchased some PICKBAYs for Xmas gifts already. I know my bandmates will love the PICKBAY. Also am giving them customized guitar picks as well.

I received this item as a gift for my birthday in July. You can buy the pendant for $29.99 at www.pickbay.com

Functional art. efficient pick holder storage, and looks rock n roll too. Versatile and useful.

makes you want to buy lots of picks. Only can store 1 heavy gauage pick.

nice engineering, picks fit securely and are easy to remove. You can also see the pick. It is a nie simple design.

PICKBAY guitar pick holder is the best gift to give AND the best gift to receive. Coolest musiian accessory ever.

Susie California rated this unit 4 on 2010-08-23.

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