Prudencio Saez G6 Reviews 4

Immaculate construction everywhere. very accurate in all departments. Prudencio saez made this G6 in spain of walnut back and sides cedar top rosewood fretboard gold tuners. It sound really fantastic for the cash point. really powerful basey sound which is even across the strings it has power..and a lovely tone. Probably equal to instruments about double the price. I love playing it and it has put me back in the groove for clasical after a long period off it. I have Martin and Gibson guitars which i also love but i keep going back to this instrument.

The back is not book matched but hey at this price i did not expect it makes no diff to the sound which is what counts. the headstock cutouts at the top and botom tuner housing arches had not been finished per the laquer which looked whiteish.small poimt but it should have been adressed by quality controllers apart from that i could not fault it and i am pickey with my guitars.

walnut back sides cedar top rosewood fretboard the usual spanish type setup but really well put together i mean atention to detail.

This is a fantastic guitar i like it more each day. I like its power and tone and finish which is quality. it will grow in time to a mature sonic delight what more can i say.

Dougie Speirs rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-30.

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