RADCustom HC Pearl Reviews 3

I recently received my RADCustom strat style guitar. It is the HC Pearl Custom with a black Haywire alder body, Haywire thin C profile maple neck with rosewood fingerboard on a compound 10-16 radius. Sealed Schaller style tuners. Pearloid pickguard with 3 Haywire potted Wilkinson single coil pickups and a 5 position pu selector. It is a beauty to behold and to play. It has been professionally setup by RADcustom from action adjustment to intonation and even matching radius setup on the individual saddle adjustments. Every detail has been considered. This guitar has a nice feel up and down the neck and the pickups provide a wide tonal range from a ballsy punch to a sweet vintage ring.

I got it directly from RADCustom guitars. It retails for $570.00 which is a steal for the quality of guitar you get.

I like Almost everthing about this guitar.

The only thing that could be improved IMHO is the tuners.

All in all for the money you cant beat it.

SD37 rated this unit 3 on 2009-05-18.

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