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For over 20 years. Have a band doing everything rock related. Guitar player..

Bought at a Radio Shack retail store for $129.99 each, I have a pair. Bought them 01/98. Still work great, to this day. 100 watts avg. rating; 200 watts peak.

I've used these as front stage monitors. Also as mains in smaller venues/gigs, acoustic gigs. Sound great; 15" woofers, and 5" horns are of good quality. I never overpower them, run them 150 watts each, and they've never let me down. Grey carpeted cabs, top handles. 1/4" connections. Stereo spker black/red clip style connections too. I just use the 1/4". Overall, I like them. Good bass response. Woofers kick it hard.

Not much. Sometimes wish they could handle more power, but running them 150 watts, it's still fairly loud. Will only use these at larger gigs strictly for front end monitors. Or side fill monitors.

Overall good quality. Construction is solid. Cabs are made well. Good.

Buy them. Get the new ones at Radio Shack; the Realistic ones. They are now rated at 150 watts/300 peak. Or get these older ones if you find them. Recommended.

Jiver rated this unit 4 on 2006-04-01.

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