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First studied classical guitar in the mid 70's. Dropped out of the music scene altogether a decade later, but now am back and practicing seriously again. Need to get back where I was 20 years ago!

Sam Ash. $799 was their regular price, but they had a special discount on all gear one weekend and acquired it for $699! Even testing similar models at other shops by notable makers like Cordoba, Rodriguez and even a student Ramirez model, but this all solid cedar-top Raimundo blew them away.

Normally it's difficult to find an all-solid guitar for this price. And to have such an excellent sound it was hard to resist. Supposedly a 'handcrafted' guitar from Valencia Spain. Good worksmanship!

Some of the guitars Sam Ash had in the back room(as opposed to what's on display) had notable buzzing and dead frets, possibly due to nut/bridge or action misalignment. Nothing too seriously that can't be adjusted. In fact, I have found this to be the case with nearly all makers when I tested guitars out. A buyer must make sure to test EVERYTHING out on the guitar. Every fret too!

Solid building. No blemishes to speak of, especially for their price range. I almos always find some binding problems on other makers costing a lot more. Not here.

The action is ideal and bridge off center which is what is normally found on quality guitars. Mine was a cedar top and it has a definite characteristic not always found even on guitars costing a lot more. For $500 more one can get the 148, but the sound, materials were virtually the same - though it did have ebony neck reinforcement and a free $100 case. Don't know if it's worth $500 more or not. Truthfully, the cheaper Raimundo $500 models sounded just as good though they have laminated backsides. Workmanship and sound were just as good. But for an all-solid guitar with ebondy fingerboard and solid rosewood, Raimundo can't be beat.

John rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-02.

I did not acquire the instrument. I test it in the Paramus Store.

It is well built and has an excellent action. I like the design of the fretboard (wood, width and finish. Magnificent resonance.

I am seriuosly thinking in purchasing the guitar.

crisp, clear and soothing sound rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-30.

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