Raimundo 146 Spruce Top Reviews 5

Sam Ash $699

I am new to guitars. However, I did a lot of research on the internet, library and various local music stores. I also "played" a lot of guitars before I made my choice. I did look at Alhambra, Yamaha, Takamine, and others before settling on the Raimundo 146 spruce top. I found the sound to be excellent and compared well with guitars costing much more. The sound and resonace from this guitar are quite remarkable. The MSRP of this guitar is about $1295. Prices on the internet vary a great deal from full price to $700, which is what I payed. This guitar should age well due to its all solid construction and high quality materials.

Tuning peg unit is metal, but the pegs are plastic. I am thinking of changing them later on.

I have found it to be of great quality. No visual blemishes on finish, good quality components throughout.

Excellent value. Hard to find an all solid,ebony fingerboard,excellent sounding, Spanish made guitar at this price.

New to Guitars rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-23.

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