Raimundo 180 Concert Reviews 5

For me the action was a little high (necessary on concert guitars) but because I use it for pleasure only, it was easy to lower. I really just cannot fault it.

It is a top class guitar. The 180 is a good model but Antonio Aparicio really knows his trade. I tried several of the 180's they had in stock in choosing my guitar and must be honest, each had their own 'personality' / tonal quality, but it looks well made, it smells wonderful, it oozes quality.

If you are serious about playing good music on the classical guitar, play a few raimundo's and choose a 180 that's right for you. You will not regret it and whilst they are not cheap, it is a pleasure every time you take it from the case. It is just an unbeatable sound quality - thumbs up !!

Bill Foster rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-01.

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