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I constantly have my eye on the outlook for a classical guitar that: A.) Projects well to at least a crowd of 100 without amplification. B.) Must have a cutaway to be able to incorporate other styles on the spot besides traditional classical music C.) Durable and properly priced so that I won't have a heart attack if something happens to it during travel. Such as air flight. I found one at Guitar center. Location, right outside of the Philadelphia, PA area. When all was said and done, I still had not broached the 2k mark in price.

Every ramirez is hand made and inspected by one of the Ramirez family upon completeion. The one I own was inspected by, Amelia Ramirez. When using a classical guitar, strings are very important, because even though you may be in perfect concert pitch at the lower end of the neck, as you utilize the upper frets depending on strings and intonation, you may find yourself far out of tune. This guitar is made so well, that in combination with, D'Addario, Pro Arte classical strings, that no longer is an apprehension during a performance. The finish is absolutely beautiful, and the instrument is balanced well.

The only thing I have to say I do not care for is that it sounds and looks so good, you wind up constantly watching the instrument unless it is safely at home. Which was one of the things I was trying to avoid when originally looking for a top of the line yet prctical, recording and perfroming instrument.

Each, Ramirez guitar is handmade. They are not manufactured. They are individually played and inspected by at least one member of the,Ramirez family before leaving the shop to be marketed. The woods used are aged until ready for incorporation into a fine instument. Some of the wood used is aged 150 years before being used. The constuction is pertained to the intended final use of the instrument. So a 1A sounds like something, Andres' Segovia would use while a 2CWE has a more rounded sound and is playable through many styles. They also build Flaminco style instruments as well. The finish is very durable and mirror like, while easily cleaned.

I have been a student of the instrumment for thirty six years now. This is the first instrument that fits the bill both for recording and performance. Many times you can have a great instrument that is terrific live but a dud in the studio and vice versa. This one cuts it both ways. I am very pleased. My next ramirez is Marcel Dadi C 86. You must pick that one up. Ramirez doesn't do it any other way if your dealing directly with them. They build to your specifications. I also want the MIDI pickup installed. Never even thought of those things years back. I forgot to mention the pickup in the 2CWE is by Fishman. Nuf said.

Donn McLaughlin rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-06.

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