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Around 1994.. I purchased this amp at Jams music in Arlington, TX. I was looking for my first tube amp, and this amp had all the features I wanted at the time. (great reverb and tone control) I don’t remember the cost, but it was reasonable. I believe I traded in a 4x12 cab towards the cost.

This is a 50w 1x12 (celestion) combo amp. The preamp section is 4-12ax7 tube setup. Currently I run GT 12ax7-M tubes and it will scream! The power section has 2-6CA7’s. The clean and drive channels have a lot of head room at low and high volumes. On the drive channel, this amp has a “gain control”. This allows you to dial in the tone you want. Everything from gut-wrenching overdrive to a nice bluesy tone. The clean channel is very simple and what it says… Clean. On the back of the amp, effects loop works OK. My amp seems to pickup local CB chatter with some pedals. If they inline with the guitar, everything is fine.

Nothing. Great amp.

Built like a tank. The quality seems to be above average. (compared to some of the Fender's and a Marshall I've had)

I really wish Randall would bring back the PT series (Pro Tube) amp. It is a great amp for most all needs.

dirk0 rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-09.

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