Randall PT2000 100 Watt All Tube Head Reviews 5

I bought this amp unseen,unheard@Joe's Performance Music in Woburn 10 Years ago,the guy did not want to sell me this because he said it was the last one and that they were going to be discontinued.Now I had to have it.

After he sold me and ADA Tube Preamp and Poweramp setup,I went back and demanded the Randall.I like the built it reverb,not alot of 100-watt tube amps have this feature.The gain has an unmistakable,distinct tone that in my 16 years of playin out at clubs/bands has been the only 1 for me.Nothing like the new Warhead,This is a 100-watt all tube amp.Low noise,very loud and more bottom thatn any speaker could ever handle.


Black tolex covering and an open front and back grill for air to get at tubes.You can see them if there was ever a problem you would know.The footswitch is all metal and has heavy duty switches..As far as quality goes i've had the amp gigging and moving it around for 10 years and it still kicks ass.PT stands for PROTUBE B.T.W.

I have just ordered a Carvin MTS3200 100- watt all tube head,we'll see how it does side by side with my baby.The Randall is clean and powerful not all sloppy and thin sounding like the Rectafire,which by the way almost all my guitar player pals own.Why i'll never know.You cannot purchase this amp new,however another buddy of mine liked my amp so much he went and bought a combo version of it on EBAY.No it doesn't sound exactly the same but still has that Randall tone and he loves it.

R.E.P. rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-25.

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