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Ordered through musiciansfriend.com for $399 + ~$13 shipping. Why? I play Heavy Metal, mostly in the band room. I was looking for a Heavy sound with enough power to compete with a Drum Set and 120W Base Amp in a confined space.

Besides the fact that Pantera uses Randall? * The 100W is more than enough to sound off with the rest of my band. I rarely have to crank it up higher than 7 when we are full blast. The 150W Warhead Combo might be overkill... this suits me fine. * The Dual Celestions rock over comperable amps I tested with a single speaker. * The Three channels give me plenty of options. The clean channel is crisp, for when I want to play classic rock tune, while the distortion channels just get the head banging. * Want to play Pantera, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Messhugah... this is the amp for you. Don't waste your money on a bigger brand name...

There is no output jack for an IV that would allow me to pump it directly into my veins.

Heavy duty. The unit itself is a little difficult to carry since it is heavy and a little bulky. It is small enough to fit in my trunk (mid size coupe) though. I haven't taken it on any gigs, so I don't know how it stands up to abuse.

I did about a month of research into amplifiers to make sure I got the right one. I determined this was the best Amp for playing Metal in this price range. Even though everyone says Tube is better than Solid State, Solid State has the sound I am looking for and much more affordable. I am very happy with this amp.

Steve Cote rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-27.

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