Randall RG100SC 2x12 Combo Amp Reviews 1

I ordered this amp from Musician's Friend about a year ago. I paid $450 or so for it.

Had a great clean channel. Very clear and loud.

Everything else. The gain channels are weak and tinny. If you like the butt-rock sound and you have high-output pickups, you might dig them, but they are otherwise useless. I figured since this thing weighs a ton and doesn't have tubes, I could rely on it to some degree. That was not the case. Had problems with the cheap parts from the beginning. I had to replace two voltage regulators and a transistor. Just recently the power supply blew and fried numerous other parts with it. I will not be fixing this amp again, because its not worth it. I was happy with the price, because the clean channel did sound very nice for a while. But with a small price, you get cheap unreliable parts and workmanship.

The covering is cheap and thin. It's very easily damaged. The handle is wussy and isn't able to handle the weight of the amp without loosening screws that will cause rattling. The electronics, as afore mentioned, are cheap.

Bottom line is: do not waste your hard earned money on something that you think sounds to good for the price. The fact is that this amp is made of very poor quality parts and you will eventually have to replace it if you are serious about playing. Do not waste your time and money on low-end products.

Brian Perry rated this unit 1 on 2003-10-10.

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