Randall V-Max Guitar Amp Head Reviews 5

US $900 is a deal if you ask me so I grabed it.

This amp gives you all the sweet tube distortion and harmonics. A voicing switch will allow you to shift mid frequencies between a modern and traditional style distortion, plus a gain boost switch for adding that massive grind and chunk. This is a classic Randall. All solid-state that allows you to switch between clean and overdrive tones. The overdrive channel has a sustain boost that can be activated by pulling the treble pot. I can depend on this amp. It is built like a Mac Truck, and put together very nicely."You're really getting your money's worth of quality and craftsmanship here".It has the perfect amount of distortion. Not too fuzzy "The bad kind of fuzz I ment, but you don't have to add a pedal either. What more do you need it has it all and its about time to I might add.

when i first got the amp it had a weird backround interference noise going on like a 60 cycle power hum. I talked to my dealer and they called randall and randall then called me asking what was a good time that they could pick up the amp. fed-ex picked up the amp the next day. I got it back at most 3 days later. That is the only thing that I have had problems with.

It is built like a tank, and put together very nicely. You're really getting your money's worth of quality and craftsmanship here. I would use it without a backup - It seems sturdier than any other amp I looked at. It doesn't seem to get hot when I play at high volume for an extended period.

I have been playing for 16 years and have used a lot of guitars amps, pedals, rack mount effects you name it. If you want a true brutal distortion, then this is what you want. You will have to take some time to dial it in just right.

Randall Man 4 Life rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-27.

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