Raven RP450 Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar from RavenWestGuitars for $369.00;included well padded gig bag. Last year I bought another model of Raven and was well pleased with the sound and workmanship. Also, Eric from RavenWest was a wonderful person to talk to about the purchase and the guitar arrived in 48hrs. in perfect condition

I love the neck on this guitar. It is a wide thin type. Playing up and down the neck is fast and easy. Action and setup are perfect! The guitar is beautiful red sunburst flame. Fit and finish is top notch. Love the strong, punchy hum-bucker style pickups. And it looks alot like a PRS guitar; but the price is just a fraction of what a PRS sells for! Just a wonderful sounded hollowbody small body electric. Perfect for blues or rock n roll! I love this guitar!

I cannot think of anything I don't like about the Raven RP 450 electric guitar. Last year when I got my first Raven Q 2000; the strings were a terrible quality. This year the strings are actually quite good. So, I have no complaints about this guitar.

The construction of this guitar is solid and well laid out. The quality is excellent! My guitar is a red sunburst flame and the wood and fit and finish is excellent in every way. Action is low and fast. Rose wood fret board with well fitting and filed frets with pearloid position markers. No fret buzz. The controls are quiet and smooth with no noise. Humbuckers are strong and fluid sounding with the amp cranked up or clear and articulate played clean.

For the money you can't been the Raven RP-450! If you have been longing for a PRS with a large price tag; this guitar is for you! This guitar is quality for any use. Gigging or playing at home. Its a beautiful guitar to play. I have Gibsons and Strats and lately I find myself picking up this Raven more than the others. Life time warranty and Eric from RavenWest stands behind what he sells. A winning combination for sure!

Sheila Smith rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-18.

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