Raven RSM 1000Q Reviews 5

I bought my raven in april 2003 off e-bay. It turned out that the initial Raven West Guitar comapny sold it to me through e-bay. I paid $320 I think.

I bought the Red anb Yellow Quilted version, and it looks awsome. It features 24 jumbo frets, increadibly fast slim-line neck, 5 humbuckers (2 double and a single coil), 5 set tone switch, bolt on neck and a light weight mahogony(I think) body. All of these items add up to a great sound, easy playing, and a great look.

I still haven't found anything I don't like about the guitar. Especially for the price. I still find this guitar the same, if not better than some guitars 2 or 3 times the price.

The RSM 1000Q holds up good. It doesn't feel flimbsy at all despite its light weight.

The Raven RSM 1000Q is a work of art. It plays great, looks awsome, holds up well in any condition, and you can't find a better price.

Ben Carpenter rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-03.

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