Raven RSM5000 Reviews 5

I ordered my RSM5000 directly from Raven Guitar Company (www.ravenwestguitar.com) for only 400 dollars.

Beautiful natural walnut finish, neck-thru design, and damn near the most incredible tone and playability I have seen in a guitar. I've played PRSs', Les Pauls, Strats, Washburn Customs, and the list goes on. For this price, Raven guitar has GOT to be losing some money! The pickups are so hot, that just the simple skill of tapping becomes an incredibly divine experience. Big name companies had better watch out for companies like Raven. Get yours while the price is still low!!

Absolutely no downfalls. Just switched the strings out with a set of Elixer .10s.

Solid body, neck-thru design, fast neck, unbelievably smooth handling. What more could a guitarist ask for?

Get yours before it's too late!

Patrick Curran rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-23.

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