Raven RX-300 Reviews 4

Bought on ebay... a little bit more than $100.

This guitar is very cost effective, and plays like a dream. The fretboard is flat and very fast. The pain job, body, and headstock are beauty. It's very easy to jump around with since it doesn't weigh a whole lot. Really... it's the lightest electric I have ever held.

Pickups could be better (but it costs so little one could buy their own high-dollar pickups and drop them in). The floyd rose tremello really pisses me off (they all do... personal preference I guess). The volume knob is getting a bit loose and shakey.

The guitar is put together very nicely. With the only exeption being in the quality of the pickups (and if you are like me... the god forsaken floyd rose tremello), this is the best guitar that has ever entered my house.

After a quick change of pickups, this could quite possibly be turned into a professionally used guitar. Newer models (the RX300 is no longer sold I guess) have been put into action. From what I can tell, they have the same pickups. A quick buy on one of the newer Ravens and a quick change in pickups could yield the perfect guitar.

Arpie rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-25.

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