RavenWestGuitars RSM1000/ Raven Stratocaster Reviews 5

I purchased this unit off of E-bay from a one owner seller..I wanted an electric guitar and decided to purchase one for my birthday.. I know that Raven Guitars are a bit pricey, but are very much well worth it in the long run.. I only paid $178.50 for it including shipping and it's one of the most beautiful guitars that I have ever seen..

I like everything about the unit such as the Quilted Maple with Emerald Burst in color..I also like the wonderful Floyd-Rose Locking Tremelo System and the 25 fret neck with the Shark-Tooth Inlays.. It handles very well and plays like a dream..I am very satisfied with the unit..

Actually there is nothing that I don't like about it..

The construction of the unit is superb and very well hand crafted by some of the best guitar makers that I have ever seen.. The quality is definitely one of the best and I would definitely highly recommend anybody to buy a Raven Guitar whether it be a Strat, Bass or Accoustic for their playing enjoyment..

I have owned a few different models and types of guitars in my life and some played great while the others played not so great..I am very happy with the Raven that I have chosen even though it was a second hand guitar I am very pleased with it's looks, style and performance.. Now that I have a Raven Guitar I will never go back to any of the previous models that I had owned.. THANK YOU RAVENWESTGUITAR FOR MAKING ONE OF THE BEST GUITARS AROUND..

Michael Payne rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-12.

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